General Dentistry Anesthesia Fees

Your General Dentist can perform your general dental work, i.e. fillings, crowns, scaling and root planing under general anesthesia at our office. We have contracted with an anesthesiologist to provide this service in the afternoon, a few days a month, at our facility.

  • Anesthesia Fee: ¬†$500 for the first 30 minutes / $200 for each additional 15 minutes
  • Facility Fee: $1000 for the first hour / $250 for each additional half-hour

All facility fees are due in full at the time of procedure. Your General Dentist’s fees will be billed directly to you separately.

How to Arrange This Service

  1. Call your General Dentist to see if they offer this service.
  2. Call WYOMS to get more information regarding availability and general anesthesia instructions.
  3. Print out and complete the health and consent form. YOU MUST BRING THE COMPLETED FORM TO YOUR APPOINTMENT!

For additional information about pre- and post-operative surgical care, please visit our Patient Resources page.