Post Surgery Diet Guide

Do you have an upcoming surgery with us? One of the most frequently asked questions is, “what can I eat afterwards?”. We have made a quick list of suggestions and rules to follow. You will be sent home with a packet of these instructions on the day of surgery that an assistant will explain in detail.

1. Avoid the 3 S’s. No sucking, swishing, or spitting. To avoid a dry socket, the blood clot that forms in the wound following the surgery needs to stay in place. Vigorous suction, swishing or spitting during the few days following surgery can cause the blood clot to dislodge leaving the socket dry. This causes a more intense pain while healing. Make sure to avoid straws, smoking/vaping & e-cigarettes.

2. Avoid These Foods: crunchy foods like pretzels, chips, popcorn, nuts, sunflower seeds and toasted breads; they can cause additional trauma to the wounds. Avoid fruits with a small seed such as strawberries, kiwi & pomegranate; seeds of this size are easily trapped in an open socket and later cause infection.

3. Enjoy the following foods: applesauce, pudding, jello, yogurt, popsicles, ice-cream, smoothies, milkshakes/protein shakes, cooked vegetables, cooked pasta, shredded meats & soft breads.

4. Avoid Alcoholic beverages for 3 days. The alcohol can dissolve the blood clot causing a dry socket, and if prescribed narcotic pain medication such as vicodin or percoset, it is un safe to consume alcohol.

5. Enjoy the following beverages: water, fruit juice, milk, & sports drinks. Coffee and tea are ok as long as they are not too hot. Carbonated beverages are permitted as well but remember to avoid straws.